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Tiny home Company Ships its Largest Modular home to the Bahamas

tiny home

Tiny homes are no stranger to the housing community. Boxvana is a Modular /Tiny home company that Builds tiny homes and Park Model Recreational vehicles. A pmrv is a unique towable RV designed to provide temporary living quarters for recreation, seasonal, camping, or travel use. The bottom line, it’s not built or intended to be a permanent dwelling. The company offers various models and provides the opportunity for individuals to access its services through its website.

The company announced earlier today (Friday, October 14) They Shipped out two of its units which are currently on their way to the Bahamas

Athena modular home
Units #2 and #3 of 8 total units headed out this am for destination Bahamas!

The company currently provides Three builds of Park Model Recreational vehicles including the Halifax, Canary, and Monaco.

halifax boxvana
Monaco boxvana
Canary tiny home

Boxvana also builds Different modular homes and offices which are built and shipped to various locations. A modular home is a pre-fabricated building that consists of repeated sections of modules. Modularity involves constructing sections away from the building site, then delivering them to the intended site. Installation of the pre-fabricated sections is completed on-site.

The company currently offers Six (6) Different models which are; Athena, Dala, Saint-Tropez, Sicily, Freeport, and Abaco. Below are some photos of Boxvana Modular Homes.

tiny home boxvana
Boxvana Modular Homes Models

You can find Boxvana by visiting their website or Checking out their listings on eBay

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