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Gigantic 2560 pound Pumpkin Sets new record in the US

gigantic 2560 pound pumpkin

Minnesota teacher Gigantic 2560 pound Pumpkin, setting new US record.

October is pumpkin season in America. For most people, that means eating delicious pumpkin treats or visiting pumpkin patches to pick the perfect fruit for Halloween. But for pumpkin growers, it’s a chance to show off their giant produce at the pumpkin weigh-in. Although there are various such contests held across the country, the “Super Bowl” of pumpkin weighing is held in Half Moon Bay, California.

Travis Gienger no longer weighs his pumpkins before a contest. The horticulture teacher, who has grown over 100 giant pumpkins in Anoka, Minn., says it takes all the fun away. He is also convinced it prevents the gourd from ballooning. So for 180 days — the length it takes him to raise a giant pumpkin — Gienger did not place “Maverick,” his latest squash, on a scale.

Gienger drove the gargantuan gourd for 35 hours to see his hard work pay off at the 49th World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off in Half Moon Bay, south of San Francisco. Most farmers begin planting seeds in April in preparation for the competition. On the day of the competition, each pumpkin is carefully weighed on a 5-ton capacity industrial-strength digital scale using forklifts and special harnesses.

A tweet by the associated press shows the live weighing of the gigantic 2560 pound pumpkin.

Twitter post by associated press highlighting the live weighing of the gigantic 2560 pound pumpkin

Gienger, who also won the same contest in Northern California in 2020, broke a record set last week in New York where a grower raised a massive pumpkin weighing 2,554 pounds. Congratulations to Travis Gienger and Continue to grow amazing pumpkins for the world to see and eat. Let us know what you would do with such a large pumpkin in the Comments.

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