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The Amazing Talent of Kim Goodman: Eyeballs Popped to Record-Breaking Levels

When it comes to amazing human abilities, some stand out because they are unique and amazing. Kim Goodman, a woman from the United States, has an amazing talent: she can pop her eyeballs out so far that they stick out 12 mm (0.47 in) past her eye sockets. This amazing thing she did got her a place in the Guinness World Records. It was a show that many people remember from the famous record book. In this article, we take a deeper look at Kim Goodman’s fascinating story and her mind-blowing talent, which leaves people in awe.

Kim Goodman

How a Unique Talent Was Found

Sometimes, life takes turns we didn’t expect and shows us skills we didn’t know we had. Kim Goodman’s journey started when a hockey mask hit her in the head by accident. She didn’t know at the time that this would lead her to find a talent that went against all the rules. Because of the impact, Kim found that she could pop her eyes out when she wanted to. It was a surprising discovery that opened up a whole new world of things to wonder about.

Guinness World Records Accomplishment

The Guinness World Records is the best place to find out about the most amazing things that people have done. Kim Goodman’s talent was just like everyone else’s. On November 2, 2007, in Istanbul, Turkey, a precise test was done to see how much her eyes popped. An optometrist used a special tool called a proptometer, which measures the amount of protrusion, to make sure the measurements were correct. Using the average of three measurements, the eye doctor found that Kim’s eyes could go an amazing 12 mm past her eye sockets. This incredible record gave her a place of honor in the history of human achievements.

Understanding Proptosis

Proptosis is the condition that lets Kim Goodman stick out her tongue so much that it makes your eyes water. It means that the eyeballs are moved or pushed out of place. This can be caused by a number of things, such as trauma, tumors, or certain medical conditions. Most of the time, proptosis is caused by an abnormal rise in pressure inside the eye socket or in the tissues around it. Proptosis is usually a sign of a medical problem, but Kim Goodman’s special skill shows an extreme and, at first glance, controllable form of it.

How Science Can Make Your Eyes Pop

The ways to measure and prove Kim Goodman’s amazing talent are interesting in and of themselves. With a proptometer, an optometrist can accurately measure how far the eye sticks out. This device takes precise measurements that help figure out how far apart the eyeballs are. By taking the average of three measurements, any differences or outliers can be reduced, making sure that the result is reliable and clear. Even though the process may sound uncomfortable or even scary, it is done by professionals in a controlled and supervised way.

A Record Nobody Will Forget

People all over the world will always remember what Kim Goodman did to break a Guinness World Records title. Her amazing skill has become a well-known feat that still catches the attention of people of all ages. Her record-breaking eye popping is a sign of how amazing she is. It has a place in the history of amazing things people have done.


Kim Goodman’s ability to pop her eyeballs so far out that they stick out 12 mm from her eye sockets is amazing. Her story of how she went from a chance meeting to international fame shows that great talents can come from the most unexpected places. Kim’s accomplishment of breaking a record will stay in the Guinness World Records for a long time and continues to amaze and fascinate people. Even though many people might not want to be able to pop their eyes, it is clear that this shows how many different things the human body can do.

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