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Suspected Narcotics Seized in Roadblock Operation

Suspected Narcotics Seized in Roadblock Operation

Suspected Narcotics Seized in Roadblock Operation

Suspected Narcotics Seized in Roadblock Operation

In a strategic operation earlier today at approximately 07:30 hrs, police ranks from Regional Division 4B received critical information regarding a Toyota Axio motor car with registration #PAF 7021 suspected of transporting narcotics. The vehicle was reported to be heading north on the East Bank Demerara public road.

Acting swiftly on the provided intelligence, the law enforcement team executed a roadblock operation at Providence, East Bank Demerara, near Lambada Sports Bar. As part of this operation, the ranks identified the targeted vehicle, Toyota Axio with registration #PAF 7021, proceeding north on the western carriageway of the Providence public road.

The driver of the vehicle, later identified as Brian Houston, brought the car to a halt approximately fifty feet away from the police ranks and promptly fled the scene, successfully evading capture as he fled south of the Providence public road.

Subsequent to the driver’s escape, the police conducted a thorough search of the vehicle. In the trunk, they discovered three large, bulky transparent plastic bags marked “SP,” containing a significant quantity of leaves, seeds, and stems suspected to be Cannabis.

Further searches of the vehicle yielded additional items, including documents identifying Brian Houston as the driver, an orange and white jersey, two empty Guinness bottles, and one XL energy drink.

The apprehended suspected Cannabis, weighing a total of 22.235 Kg, along with the motor vehicle, was escorted to the Golden Grove Police Station for further investigation.

Items lodged as evidence include a Samsung cell phone, fitness revenue license, and insurance documents from Nafico in favor of Brian Houston.

At present, diligent efforts are underway to locate and apprehend Brian Houston. The investigation is ongoing, reflecting the commitment of law enforcement in Regional Division 4B to combatting drug trafficking and ensuring public safety

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