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Shooting Incident at Robb and Cummings Street, Georgetown

Shooting Incident at Robb and Cummings Street, Georgetown

Shooting Incident at Robb and Cummings Street, Georgetown

The Guyana Police Force is currently investigating an incident that occurred on Wednesday night at a hotel on the corners of Robb and Cummings Street, Georgetown, resulting in the death of Leroy Williams, also known as ‘Buxton.’ Williams was one of the suspects in the 2015 grenade attack on the Kaieteur News.

The incident unfolded at approximately 19:10hrs and involved a 48-year-old security guard attached to the Castle Security Service. The guard, armed with a 9mm Glock pistol containing 17 rounds of ammunition, allegedly shot Williams during an altercation at the hotel.

Shooting Incident at Robb and Cummings Street, Georgetown

According to a police report, the initial confrontation occurred around 18:30hrs when Williams entered the gaming shop located on the lower flat of the hotel and engaged in an argument with a female staff member. The dispute escalated when Williams attempted to snatch the chain around the staff member’s neck. In response, the security guard intervened, warning Williams to stop his behavior.

Williams allegedly threw a glass bottle at the guard, hitting him on the head. Subsequently, Williams reportedly pulled out a knife and injured the guard’s right ear. The injured guard sought medical attention at the Georgetown Public Hospital and was later discharged.

After leaving the building, Williams allegedly threatened to return and harm the guard and the female staff member. Minutes later, Williams returned armed with a knife, attempting to re-enter the building. The 48-year-old security guard, stationed at the front door, confronted Williams, who rushed at him with the knife. In self-defense, the guard discharged his firearm, striking Williams.

Despite running a short distance, Williams collapsed on the roadway. A public-spirited person transported him to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries around 20:06hrs.

The police have arrested the security guard, and an investigation is underway. The guard’s firearm and ammunition have been lodged, and CCTV footage of the incident is under review.

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