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Rorie Woods accused of unleashing a swarm of bees on police

Rorie Woods accused of unleashing a swarm of bees on police

Massachusetts resident Rorie Woods is facing multiple assault and battery charges for allegedly releasing a swarm of bees on a group of sheriff’s deputies. The deputies, some allergic to bee stings, were trying to serve an eviction notice.

Rorie Susan Woods, 55, who was not the house owner, protested the repossession of a US1.12 million, 22-room home in Longmeadow, Mass.

Hampden County deputies were met by protesters when they went to the home in Longmeadow on the morning of Oct. 12, according to the official department report.

Woods, who lives in Hadley, arrived in an SUV towing a trailer carrying bee hives and started “shaking” them, breaking the cover off one and causing hundreds of bees to swarm out and initially sting one deputy, according to the report.

“Never in all my years of leading the Hampden County Sheriff’s Civil Process Division have I seen something like this,” said Robert Hoffman, Chief Deputy of the Civil Process Office. “I hope that these out-of-county protesters will reconsider using such extreme measures in the future because they will be charged and prosecuted.”

Hampden County deputy sheriff Michael Joslyn tries to wrestle a tower of beehives away from protester Rorie Woods (HAMPDEN COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT PHOTO)

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