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Public Assistance Urgently Needed: Concerns for Welfare

Public Assistance Urgently Needed: Concerns for Welfare

Wagga Wagga Police are reaching out to the community for assistance in locating Josh IRVINE, a 40-year-old individual from the Wagga Wagga area. There are serious and pressing concerns for his wellbeing and safety, and finding him safe is a top priority for everyone involved.

Friends and family are actively participating in search efforts while the police conduct their inquiries in collaboration with the family. The family has graciously authorized the release of an image featuring Josh and his daughter, hoping to facilitate his safe return.

Josh IRVINE is believed to be traveling in a white VW Amarok, equipped with a tray back, and bearing the registration ECW43K. If anyone has spotted this vehicle or comes across it, please reach out to the Wagga Wagga Police at 69222599 or 69222598. Your information can significantly contribute to the ongoing search and ensure Josh’s safety. In urgent situations, please contact emergency services at 000.

If you have any knowledge of Josh IRVINE’s whereabouts or have been in contact with him recently, we urge you to promptly reach out to the Wagga Wagga Police Station. Your cooperation can make a substantial difference in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of this individual.

Together, as a community, we can work towards bringing Josh IRVINE back to safety. Your assistance is invaluable in this critical time.

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