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Police Engage Communities Throughout Guyana In Interactive Outreach

Police Engage Communities Throughout Guyana In Interactive Outreach

Police Engage Communities Throughout Guyana In Interactive Outreach

Police Engage Communities Throughout Guyana In Interactive Outreach

Police Engage Communities Throughout Guyana In Interactive Outreach

In a series of community engagement initiatives, the Guyana Police Force has been actively fostering meaningful partnerships and addressing concerns within various regions across the country. These engagements reflect the force’s commitment to maintaining peace, security, and community well-being.

Police Engage Communities Throughout Guyana In Interactive Outreach

  1. Mahdia Police Station Traffic Department Outreach:

Inspector Noel and Constable King of Mahdia Police Station’s Traffic Department, along with Nurse Leah from Mahdia Regional Hospital and Fireman Shon Speirs from Mahdia Fire Service, conducted a highly interactive session at Princeville Primary School in Region #8. Fifty students and three teachers attended the session, where various topics, including safety and community well-being, were discussed.

  1. East La Penitence Police Station Engagement:

Woman Assistant Superintendent Williams-Singh, along with a dedicated team, engaged with residents of Stevedore Housing Scheme, Georgetown. Approximately thirty-five residents and twenty-five youths met with the team, addressing issues such as community safety, narcotics use among youth, and the need for recreational spaces. The team provided on-the-spot solutions and gathered information for follow-up on outstanding concerns.

  1. Vigilance Police Station Walkabout Exercise:

Sergeant Tyndall and ranks of Vigilance Police Station, alongside the Vigilance Station Management Committee, conducted a ‘walkabout exercise’ at Enterprise, East Coast Demerara. Residents raised concerns and discussed various issues, contributing to collaborative efforts to enhance peace and security in the community.

  1. Beterverwagting Station District Engagement:

Corporal Collins, Corporal Europe, and four other ranks from Regional Police Division 4C conducted a successful ‘walkabout exercise’ within the Beterverwagting Station District on the East Coast of Demerara. The initiative aimed to address residents’ concerns and strengthen community-police relations, receiving positive feedback and expressions of appreciation from the community.

  1. Cove and John Police Station Traffic Department Lecture:

Sergeant Scott and other ranks from Cove and John Police Station’s Traffic Department conducted a lecture for drivers on the Enmore public road, East Coast Demerara. The session covered various traffic-related issues, emphasizing road safety and responsible driving.

  1. Regional Police Division #8 Community Outreach:

Senior Superintendent Khalid Mandall led a community outreach in the Princeville community, Region Eight, focusing on issues affecting residents and building partnerships to maintain a safer community. The community welcomed the police presence and actively participated in the discussions.

  1. Walkabout in Hunter Street, Laing Avenue, Alexander Village, and Ruimveldt:

Woman Deputy Superintendent Jewel Sullivan led a group of police officers on a walkabout through various communities. The initiative aimed to improve the relationship between the police and residents by addressing concerns promptly.

  1. Community Outreach at Koberimo village

Deputy Commander of Regional Police Division No. 1, Deputy Superintendent J. Tappin, and his team engaged with residents of Koberimo Village at the Koberimo Primary School on Sunday in a comprehensive community outreach initiative. The primary focus of the interaction was to raise awareness and address various issues affecting the community.

These community engagement efforts underscore the Guyana Police Force’s commitment to building trust, fostering partnerships, and ensuring the well-being of citizens across the nation. The force plans to continue these types of Police Engage communities throughout Guyana In interactive outreach to foster community development and relationships.

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