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Mohamed Supports Photographer and Sand Creek Village with Generous Donations

Mohamed Supports Photographer and Sand Creek Village with Generous Donations

Mohamed Supports Photographer and Sand Creek Village with Generous Donations

In a heartwarming gesture of generosity, Mr. Mohamed has made two significant contributions, providing professional photographer Mortimer Bovell with a new camera and donating a generator to the Amerindian community of Sand Creek in Region Nine.

Mortimer Bovell, a well-known photographer based in Georgetown, has received a brand-new camera from Mr. Mohamed. With six years of experience capturing moments along the Kingston Seawall and the Botanical Garden, Bovell’s work has earned him recognition for his dedication to preserving cherished memories. The new camera not only enhances the quality of his work but also enables him to expand his services, now capable of capturing and recording moments for his clientele. Bovell’s operating hours in the Garden and Seawalls allow him to cater to clients effectively, with images processed on the spot.

Meanwhile, Team Mohamed’s generous donation of a generator to the Sand Creek community in the Deep South Rupununi of Region Nine has provided essential support during the village’s 7th annual rodeo. The generator powered the Public Address (PA) system and provided lighting for the night games, ensuring the success of the event. Mr. Richard Gomes, on behalf of the rodeo committee, received the generator, expressing gratitude for the support.

The Sand Creek Rodeo, supported by Mr. Mohamed, saw several villages competing in various activities, including bull riding, bare-back bronco, calf-roping, and cow milking. All proceeds generated from the event will contribute to the development of the community, reflecting Mr. Mohamed’s commitment to supporting initiatives in Region Nine.

Additionally, the generator donated by Team Mohamed will serve broader economic and social purposes within the community, further benefiting Sand Creek and its residents.

Mr. Mohamed’s philanthropic efforts exemplify his dedication to supporting individuals and communities, fostering growth, and enhancing quality of life for all.

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