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Minion Rise of Gru €654.88 Million

Minion rise of gru 642 million
Minion Rise of Gru $642 Million
Minion Rise of Gru $642 Million

Minions Rise of Gru $642 Million Milestone has sent shockwaves across the minion community as the long-awaited rise of gru movie makes another historic leap in revenue. Prior to our last post. Minion rise of gru now amasses total at $642,979,390 in sales worldwide.

Minion Rise of Gru Prediction over the next few weeks

Sales over the previous week for rise of gru
Sales over the previous week for rise of gru

According to Box office mojo With sales increasing and decreasing, the expected revenue can see Minions: Rise of Gru surpassing 1 Billion in sales in the upcoming weeks. Just last Saturday, July 23, The theatre sales were amassed at $7,042,245 and experts observe more sales are generated on weekends compared to weekdays.

A stunning Korean opening day cume, Rise of Gru’s Korean market totals reached $6.3 million by the end of the weekend, adding to the $1.7 million earned from 205 screenings in Taiwan, where the film once again established itself as the biggest opener animation since the beginning of the pandemic. In terms of retention, GentleMinions had an excellent hold in the UK and Ireland, up 13% and taking in $3.6 million to add to its market total of $33.5 million, just a hair behind the first Minions and Despicable Me 3. Additionally, Mexico topped $32.3M over the weekend, surpassing Despicable Me 3 lifetime, and Germany saw a $2.5M increase to their now $20M tally. In Japan, Minions earned approximately $10.7 million over the weekend, and Brazil’s cume reached $15.2 million, again just a fraction short of Minions.

Minion Fans are excited and happy with the success of the new sequel and continue to show great support in the theatres for this amazing film.

Have you watched the rise of gru film as yet? You can check out the trailer below:

Rise of gru official trailer

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