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Kim kardashian Minion

Kim kardashian Minion
Kim kardashian Minion
Kim Kardashian Makeup

The internet went into an uproar as a video surfaced of Kim Kardashian Minion Makeup inspired by illumination Despicable me the rise of gru started trending as her makeup was done by her daughter North West.


A video titled mommy minion with two yellow hearts uploaded to their Joint Account on Tiktok amassed 3.9 Million Likes and 16.1 Million views since posted in the last 24 hours.

According to Kim, North has shown a passion for Make-up ever since her birthday and this is seen in her videos being displayed on the TikTok account. The TikTok account itself is managed by a professional but in the video, you can see North Applying Make-up on Kim.

With several make-up sets and brushes, she applied the glitter on her cheeks and lips and outlined her eyes with black circles to what appeared a minion Google.

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