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Guyanas Oldest CitizenReceives New Home from MR Mohamed

Guyanas Oldest CitizenReceives New Home from MR Mohamed

Guyanas Oldest CitizenReceives New Home from MR Mohamed

Guyanas Oldest CitizenReceives New Home from MR Mohamed

In an act of profound compassion and generosity, Mr. A Mohamed has provided a new home for Guyana’s oldest citizen, Lillian Elliot, who will soon celebrate her remarkable 115th birthday. Mohamed expressed deep emotions, describing the project as one of the most heart-touching endeavors he has undertaken in his humanitarian work.

The initiative began when Mohamed came across a video on social media depicting a family in Mashabo urgently seeking assistance to replace their vulnerable home, which was at risk of collapsing due to high winds in the area. Responding swiftly, Team Mohamed’s extended support to the family.

During the construction process, Mohamed discovered that the recipient of the new home was none other than Lillian Elliot, a resilient woman with an inspiring life story. Born and raised in St. Monica along the Pomeroon River, Elliot endured hardships after her husband’s passing, relying on farming to provide for her 11 children, two of whom have since passed away.

Despite facing adversity, Elliot’s strength and determination shone through, and she eventually relocated to Mashabo with her daughter, Norma Elstob, and her family. In Mashabo, Elliot remains an integral part of the community, lovingly referred to as “granny” by locals. Despite her age, she remains active and independent, with a zest for life.

Elliot, a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church, enjoys simple pleasures such as steam fish with boiled plantains. Despite being diagnosed with hypertension, she continues to live life to the fullest.

In addition to providing Elliot with a new home, Mohamed also established a small business for her family to ensure she receives the care she deserves. Mohamed recently visited Mashabo to meet Elliot personally and was deeply honored to spend time with Guyana’s oldest citizen. During their interaction, Elliot graciously shared her wisdom on living a long and healthy life.

Mohamed’s compassionate gesture serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, highlighting the power of kindness and community support in transforming lives.

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