In this blog post I will highlight some fun facts about minions.

Minions Makes us happy and for the most these little yellow characters do keep us entertained. Here are some fun facts about minions. As you go through the Fun facts about minions list be sure to take notes. Bank yu!

  • The minion has only three fingers on each hand.
  • They are able to survive on the outside as they do not need oxygen to breathe and can withstand the cold.
  • They have one eye or two eyes and they always wear metal glasses for no apparent reason.
  • In the book Despicable Me, they have slightly crooked teeth but in Despicable Me 2, they have straight teeth.
  • They were licensed by McDonald’s, Hasbro and General Mills.
  • In the book Despicable Me, All Artists are featured by director Pierre Coffin.
  • Technically they speak many languages ​​as their Minionese language is a mixture of Spanish, English, Russian, Korean, and Italian etc.
  • Their language is much more pragmatic than semantic.
  • Good friends are yellow in color and bad fans are purple.
  • It is still unknown whether they have Gender and how they are related.
  • In both films, there are only 5 natural hair extensions that cover the baldness.
  • The average minion is about 105 inches (105 cm) long.
  • All long minions have cut hair while those with one eye are rarely long.
  • They have common English words like Bob, Stuart, and Kevin etc.
  • Minions can stay awake for hours and work very hard.
  • The Despicable Me 2 poster apparently contains more than 10,400 single Minions.
  • Minion has two Oscar nominees under its belt – both Despicable Me 2. The film earned the title of Best Animated Film and Pharrell’s Best Original Song ‘Happy‘.

As we await the release of the new minion Movie in theater in July from illumination entertainment we would be happy to update this Fun Fact about minions list.

Lets us know which Fact you loved the Most in the comments

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  1. Debby Shultz June 12, 2022 at 5:30 pm

    I love all three of Despicable Me!!! Could watch everytime it’s on.. It’s funny yet so sweet !!!

    1. christhoper June 16, 2022 at 2:32 am

      We are happy to hear

  2. Sweis June 13, 2022 at 5:53 pm

    Some one ones asked me what do you think of minoins???? My personall answer was huh??? Dont know what you mean??? So curiosly i just to know what the fuss was about so i went to see why everybody was minions crazy and yet again dissapointed and i went back to tell the person who asked me??? To be truely honest minions what the @#$% seriously was my firsts thought yellow viennas that speaks sounds no one understands!!!!!!!!i it wasn’t untill the post stared i actually was like oky now i understand what you mean???? no one understand a honest truthfull person and the reason is you do actuslly know the truth or you know it and youb just cant handel it or accept it because and ou beaing fake so those yellow viennas speaking to you and thersre nothing you can say or do anything to them about it……. and thers really prople like that and sometimes yourselves aswell but to scared of admit it so they have got bolls when they start to translate so ho is the stupid know??? Really do enjoy them know😊😊😊😊

    1. christhoper June 16, 2022 at 2:32 am


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