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Discovery of Human Remains in Amelia’s Ward Linden

Discovery of Human Remains in Amelia's Ward Linden

Discovery of Human Remains in Amelia’s Ward Linden

Discovery of Human Remains in Amelia’s Ward Linden

The Guyana Police Force is currently investigating the discovery of human remains in the Amelia’s Ward area, Wismar, Linden. The report was made by Elroy Roache, a 47-year-old boat captain from Silver City, Wismar Linden, who received information about the suspected remains of his elder brother, Ray Bryan Roache, aged 60.

Discovery of Human Remains in Amelia’s Ward Linden

Elroy Roache reported to the Amelia’s Ward Police Outpost at approximately 09:30hrs today, providing information that the human remains were spotted at a broken-down camp in a bushy area. Ray Bryan Roache, an unemployed resident of Phase Four Squatting Area, Amelia’s Ward, was last seen in July 2023.

An immediate investigation was launched, and Dwight Forde, also known as Eddie, a 57-year-old Machine Operator from Kwakwani Park, Upper Berbice River, was contacted. Forde informed investigators that in July 2023, his construction company moved to Phase Four Amelia’s Ward for road construction and pipeline installation. While seeking a water source, he, along with Neil Ashby, a 53-year-old self-employed man, stumbled upon an old makeshift camp about half a mile away from the newly constructed Phase Four road. On September 22, 2023, they observed what appeared to be human remains and suspected it to be Ray Roache. Neil Ashby recently managed to contact Ray’s relatives to share this information.

Police visited the scene accompanied by Dwight Forde and Neil Ashby, who directed them to the area. The bushy location, approximately half a mile from the Phase Four road, revealed the remains under a broken-down camp. The deceased, dressed in long black pants and a black T-shirt, lay on a cot made of salt bags and sticks. Beside the remains, a transparent plastic bag contained a BLU cellphone with a charger, a Permanent Disability voucher book for 2022, and a National Identification card with the name Ray Bryan Roache (DOB: 1963-06-29).

The scene was processed, photographed, and the remains were transported to the Pensioner’s Funeral Home, awaiting a post-mortem examination. Elroy Roache identified the National Identification card as belonging to his brother. Dwight Forde, Neil Ashby, and Elroy Roache are currently assisting the investigation at Mackenzie Police Station.

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