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Businessman In Police Custody As Accountant’s Murder Unravels

Businessman In Police Custody As Accountant’s Murder Unravels

Businessman In Police Custody As Accountant’s Murder Unravels

Businessman In Police Custody
Businessman In Police Custody As Accountant’S Murder Unravels

A businessman is currently in police custody in connection with the brutal murder of 38-year-old Chooromantie Tulsie, also known as “Anita,” of Lot 26 Unity, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara. The tragedy unfolded between Tuesday and Wednesday last week, and new developments in the case have led to the re-arrest of the suspect known only as “Pandit.”

Reports indicate that Pandit, along with two of his workers, was initially taken into custody last week. However, they were released on station bail after the expiration of the 72-hour detention period. Following the emergence of fresh information, Pandit was re-arrested on Monday, November 27.

It is believed that Pandit, a frequent visitor to Tulsie’s home, allegedly instructed the victim’s 5-year-old son to falsely identify a man involved in a previous accident with Tulsie as the perpetrator of her murder. Sources reveal that Pandit had access to Tulsie’s residence and was closely associated with her, even accompanying her to court regarding the earlier accident.

Tulsie, an accountant attached to Churches at Camp Street, Georgetown, met a tragic end between 10:28 hours on Tuesday, November 21, and 04:00 hours on Wednesday, November 22, while preparing tea for her son. Her lifeless body, found in a pool of blood with signs of violence, shocked her family and community.

The discovery was made when Tulsie failed to deliver her son to a relative, prompting concerned family members to break into her home. The gruesome scene revealed Tulsie’s body with a cloth gagging her mouth and a knife lodged in her throat. Notably, her 5-year-old son identified a man from a previous accident as the assailant.

Family members assert that Tulsie’s estranged husband, residing overseas, is not involved in the crime. They suspect that the murderer was familiar with Tulsie’s routine and surroundings, emphasizing that she would not readily admit strangers into her home.

Tulsie’s sister, Chandrowtie Persaud, expressed deep grief over her sister’s tragic death, emphasizing that Tulsie did not deserve such a violent end. Investigations into this horrific crime are ongoing as authorities seek to unravel the motives and circumstances surrounding this senseless act.

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