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Breaking: A high-speed Chase motorcyclist Garcia was charged with multiple crimes.

Police in Newport, Delaware were on the trail of Garcia, A motorcyclist who had broken a number of traffic laws. The suspect, who lives in Wilmington, Delaware and is 35 years old, was caught at the end of the chase. Garcia was arrested, and it turned out that he was wanted by the New Castle County Court of Common Pleas and had already been charged with a number of crimes. This blog post goes into the details of what happened and explains what happened that night.


When did the chase of Garcia started?

The Chase Starts: At about 9:05 p.m., a Newport police officer saw a man driving a motorcycle eastbound on State Route 4, completely ignoring traffic laws. In order to keep the public safe, the officer tried to pull the motorcycle over for a normal traffic stop. But the driver, who turned out to be Mike Garcia, decided to run away, leading the officer on a high-speed chase into Wilmington.

The Arrest: Garcia tried to avoid being caught, but the officer was persistent and found the driver and the motorcycle soon after. The arrest happened at Garcia’s listed address in the 700 block of S. Harrison Street. Surprisingly, Garcia didn’t fight back when he was being arrested. This made it easy for the officer to take him into custody without any problems.

Charges were brought against Garcia. After doing more research and making sure he was who he said he was, the police charged Mike Garcia with a number of crimes related to his careless driving. Among the charges against him are:

ignoring a police officer’s signal is a crime.
Aggressive driving
Tags that have already been used
Not stopping at a stop sign
No license to ride a bike
Not having the lights on when needed
not stopping at a red light
Riding a motorcycle without a helmet and/or eye protection
Driving a car at a speed that is too fast
Warrant Out of Date:
In a shocking turn of events, it was found that the New Castle County Court of Common Pleas had issued a Capias for Garcia’s arrest. This new information gives the case a big legal twist, suggesting that Garcia was already wanted for another crime when he was caught.

After he was caught, Mike Garcia appeared via videophone at the Justice of the Peace Court 11 for his arraignment. Due to the seriousness of the charges against him, the court set his cash bail at $3,304. Also, Garcia had to pay a $500 cash bail for the Capias warrant that was still out. After he couldn’t meet the bail requirements, he was sent back to the Delaware Department of Correction.

The events of the night of June 2, 2023, are a stark reminder of what can happen when people try to avoid the police. Mike Garcia’s careless actions led to a high-speed chase and led to him being arrested on multiple charges. Now that there is a warrant out for Garcia’s arrest, the legal consequences for him are even worse. The incident shows how committed law enforcement officers are to keeping the public safe and holding people responsible for their actions on the road.

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