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World Metrology Day: GNBS enhances skills of local technicians during open day event

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In commemoration of World Metrology Day, the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) scores of technicians were engaged in activities to enhance their metrology skills.
At an open day event at the Guyana Industrial Training Centre (GITC), Woolford Avenue, and Albert Street on Monday, the technicians were allowed to use measuring instruments including scales, masses, measures, thermometers, test measures, and calipers, which are verified and calibrated by the GNBS.
According to the Head of Corporate Communications of GNBS, Lloyd David, this occasion will equip the technicians in training with requisite skills.
“In the future, these technicians will go out into the world of work and encounter measurement challenges or successes and they might need the support of the Guyana National Bureau standards,” he stated whilst adding that as the technicians use this opportunity to find out about the legal metrology services, calibration services and various instruments, they will have a better appreciation for what the GNBS has in terms of capacity and how they can help them in the future as they carry out their various functions.

Students engaging in activities

David, nevertheless, highlighted that one of the main targets that the Bureau wishes to ensure is that there is a proper measurement system within Guyana.
According to him, if there is a proper measurement system throughout Guyana, various sectors ranging from trade, commerce, and construction can produce accurate results that will benefit them respectively.
“Measurements are very important in every aspect of our life, whether we are measuring time or whether we are measuring distance so, so it’s a worldwide thing and we want to ensure that measurements in Guyana, have a proper measurement system so that it can address matters such as trade and commerce and also even in the construction sector and of course we measure to ensure that the environment is well taken care of,” he added.
He stressed that accurate measurements promote safety and health, business growth, and consumer protection while reducing the wastage of resources. The GNBS is committed to all of the above by verifying all measuring instruments used in trade and calibrating measuring instruments used in manufacturing and other sectors.
As such, all stakeholders must understand the importance of metrology through standardised and traceable measurements which are critical to sustainability locally, regionally, and globally.
The continuous development of the National Measurement Infrastructure (NMI) in Guyana is done based on the growing needs of stakeholders, with support from the government, and through collaboration with NMIs regionally and internationally.

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