vegan protestors pouring milk out in supermarkets

vegan protestors pouring milk

Vegan protestors pouring milk out in supermarkets across the UK over the weekend, claiming the dairy industry is responsible for the majority of methane emissions.
The Animal Rebellion group is calling on the government to move towards a plant-based future. #9News

In a video posted on Twitter, several vegan protestors were seen taking milk carton from shelves and pouring it on the supermarket floors. Many individuals on Twitter were against their actions.

Video shows vegan protestors pouring milk in supermarkets

One Twitter user responded ” @xDaniiellax This isn’t a protest. This is making a huge mess and creating waste. As if the government is going to take any notice of this. Feel sorry for the low-paid supermarket worker who will have to clean this up.

Another Twitter user responded “@k43tharThese groups always contradict themselves … their solution is to waste food and at the end of the day, are abusing the cleaners who have to clean this mess up”

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