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Two separate deadly stabbing in Old Town


Within just nine hours two people were stabbed to death in Old Town in two separate cases Portland Police arrested and charged 50-year-old Dorian Cannon for the first murder which happened before noon around West Burnside and Northwest 3rd Avenue noteworthy thing is this happened in broad daylight it was right in the middle of the day right at 11 30 right before lunch later officers responded to yet another deadly stabbing around 8 30 at night near Northwest Broadway and cooch they detained and then arrested the suspect 20-year-old Khalil Ford.

KGW News learned both suspects in these murders were also arrested for crimes earlier this week Cannon who is homeless and has a history of Prior charges was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct Ford who has no felony record was arrested for fourth-degree assault also a misdemeanor charge. Here is the official report

A stabbing incident report by KGW News
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