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Tokyo Motors Donates Motorcycles to Guyana Police Force

Tokyo Motors Donates Motorcycles to Guyana Police Force

Tokyo Motors Donates Motorcycles to Guyana Police Force

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) received a significant boost to its transportation capabilities with the generous donation of three brand-new motorcycles from Tokyo Motors. Mr. Navindra Dhanwa and Ms. Elisha Campbell, Managing Directors of Tokyo Motors, presented the motorcycles to the GPF Transport Department in a ceremony held at the Tactical Services Unit (TSU) Drill Square, Eve Leary, on Tuesday, March 26, 2024.

Deputy Commissioner ‘Administration,’ Mr. Calvin Brutus, accepted the donation on behalf of the GPF and expressed gratitude to Tokyo Motors for their valuable contribution. He emphasized the importance of the motorcycles in enhancing the GPF’s mobility, particularly in remote and developing areas where traditional vehicles face challenges in accessibility.

The donation aligns with the GPF’s strategic objective of fostering partnerships with the private sector and corporate entities to support community safety and security initiatives. Mr. Dhanwa and Ms. Campbell highlighted that the donation aims to assist the GPF in its efforts towards traffic enforcement and promoting public safety.

Cadet Officer Garfield Campbell, overseeing the GPF’s Transport Department, and other police personnel were also present at the ceremony. The collaboration between the GPF and Tokyo Motors reflects the commitment of both organizations to work together for the betterment of Guyana’s law enforcement and public safety efforts.

The Guyana Police Force extends its appreciation to Tokyo Motors and reaffirms its dedication to enhancing partnerships with stakeholders to ensure safer and more secure communities across the nation.

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