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Teenage Mother Among 7 Receives Assistance from A Mohamed

Teenage Mother Among 7 Receives Assistance from A Mohamed

Teenage Mother Among 7 Receives Assistance from A Mohamed

Mr. A Mohamed, known for his continued support of Guyanese individuals in their pursuit of economic and academic advancement, has once again extended a helping hand. Earlier today, four women and three teenagers were beneficiaries of various forms of assistance, including financial aid, educational resources, and support for entrepreneurial endeavors.

Here are the recipients and the assistance they received:

Shania Miguel – A mother of two from Parika, received financial support to establish a ground-provision business at Parika Market, enabling her to achieve self-sufficiency.

Devony Miguel – From Hyde Park, Parika, received a laptop computer for her 14-year-old son, currently a third-form student at Parika/Salem Secondary School. Additionally, her 16-year-old son, a member of the South Side Cricket Club, received cricket gear, supporting his participation in the U17 category.

Getta Bahadur – A 28-year-old domestic worker from Zeelugt, West Coast Demerara, is set to become a landowner at Metem-Meer-Zorg, with Mr. Mohamed covering the cost of the plot. This will allow Bahadur to commence construction on her own home, fulfilling a long-standing aspiration.

Kamini Parasaram – A 21-year-old from East Canje Berbice, received a desktop computer to aid in her academic pursuits. Having faced financial difficulties that led to her dropping out of school, Parasaram is now preparing to sit for the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations, with aspirations to enroll in the GOAL program and become a psychologist.

Mariah Barton – A 17-year-old mother from Eversham Corentyne Berbice, received financial assistance to support her continued studies at Tagore Memorial Secondary School. This aid covers school expenses and travel costs until the completion of her education.

Metsy Douglas – A fruit vendor from No. 53 Village Corentyne Berbice, received financial support to expand her business. Additionally, her 15-year-old son, a student at Bush Lot Secondary School, received a laptop computer to support his academic endeavors.

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Mr. A Mohamed’s contributions continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of these individuals, providing them with opportunities for growth and advancement in various aspects of their lives.

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