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Suspects in shooting death of taxi driver nabbed during police operation

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Three months after the shooting death of 43-year-old Eon Holder had occurred over a parking spot at Alexander Street in Georgetown, the two main suspects were arrested on Wednesday during an operation.
The suspects, a 50-year-old and a 30-year-old, both of Queen Street in South Cummingsburg, Georgetown, were fingered in the murder of Holder, which occurred on February 24, 2024. These two men, who were nabbed in Georgetown, remain in custody pending charges.
Holder was reportedly at a taxi service working his motor car, PRR 271, when he was hired by a 50-year-old businessman to take him to Bourda Market to purchase vegetables. On arrival at Alexander Street, the businessman exited the car and walked towards the market, while Holder looked for a space to park.

Murdered: Eon Holder

About five minutes later, the businessman heard a loud explosion, and as he turned around, he saw Holder lying on the ground about 15 feet away from his car. At the time, two men – one armed with a handgun – were seen running away from the scene.
Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) who arrived on the scene pronounced Holder dead. During an examination of his body, a gunshot wound was seen on his face.
Police have said that several persons were questioned, and based on information received, the taxi driver had allegedly argued with the suspects after he had parked his car in the centre of the road, blocking vehicles from passing. During the argument, one of the suspects drew a handgun and discharged a round at the taxi driver.
Holder’s family members had spoken with the media only a few days ago, demanding that the police do a better job of finding the suspects.
“I can’t see it’s nearly three months now and they can’t find the person/s that killed my son…,” the victim’s mother had told this publication some five days ago. “Every day I cry for my son…on Mother’s Day, knowing that he does be around and he wasn’t there, I cried. His birthday is coming up, and I will cry again. I feel it for my son. My son wasn’t supposed to die like that,” this mother has expressed.

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