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Security guard shot dead after allegedly opening fire on cops

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A security guard attached to Kalibur Security Service was on Tuesday shot dead after he opened fire on a team of police officers at Vigilance South, East Coast Demerara (ECD).
Dead is 39-year-old Michael Britton also called “Mickey” of Vigilance South, ECD. Police said the incident occurred at about 14:00h.
It was reported at about 13:30h on Tuesday, a team of ranks was driving along Brush Dam, Friendship, ECD on their way to the Vigilance Police Station when they were stopped by a 27-year-old car wash operator, who reported that Britton had threatened him with a firearm.
As a result of the report, ranks exited the vehicle and were accompanied by the Wash Bay operator, who pointed out Britton to them.
Upon seeing the ranks, Britton allegedly began to run and jumped a fence. The ranks gave chase, during which Britton pulled out a black firearm and discharged a round in the ranks’ direction. As a result, the ranks returned fire in Britton’s direction, who kept running and jumped several fences in the area.
As the ranks pursued him and as he was in the process of jumping a southern fence of an empty lot, he suddenly collapsed. Britton was picked up by the ranks, where it was observed that he had a wound to the left side of his hip area.
He was placed in the Police vehicle and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead.
The area was searched, and a 9MM Canik pistol, along with four rounds in the magazine and one 9MM round in the breech of the firearm, was found.
During the ordeal, a 17-year-old bystander was allegedly ‘grazed’ on his right shoulder. He was escorted to the Georgetown Public Hospital by ranks of the Vigilance Police Station, where he was treated and sent away. Investigations are ongoing. (G9)

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