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Road network in Warapoka to be rehabilitated

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Residents of Warapoka in the Moruca sub-district, Region One, were assured of the government’s plans to upgrade the road network in the community, providing greater accessibility and significant relief.  

This assurance was provided by Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley, during the handing-over ceremony of 10 houses last weekend.

Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley addressing residents of Warapoka

“We are going to try our best to see what we can achieve through savings…All that is needed is for a grader or a mini excavator to come here to start that process. As we go to Moruca, we will explore that process of how we can help Warapoka to get the road in order…These are the things that we will work on,” Ashley explained.  

These developmental commitments, he highlighted, are not unrealistic visions, since they will have a positive impact on the livelihoods of the residents.

The government continues to work to ensure Guyanese are provided with equal access to essential services.

In this vein, there are plans to provide the community with a minibus to transport students to and from school to increase access to education.

“We are going to work as a government to ensure these commitments become a reality for the people of Warapoka,” he added.

Moreover, ten vulnerable families from the community received the keys to their houses last Saturday. The sum of $39 million was injected into the village economy through this initiative.

Some of the residents on their way to the meeting in Warapoka last Saturday

To expand agriculture production in the community, cash crop seeds were also distributed to the villagers.

Residents can also look forward to receiving better access to potable water, as plans are in place to drill a new well there.

Contracts valued $52.8 million were recently awarded to SRT Constructing General Supplies to drill new wells in Warapoka, Santa Cruz, and Kokerite.

Over the years, the Village Council has received some $50 million in various grants.

A $6.5 million tractor and trailer along with a harrow and plough was also delivered to the village to boost agriculture, as well as transportation.

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