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PPP elections were free, fair, clean, and without dispute

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Dear Editor,
The letter section continues to be the principal platform for the Opposition. The latest iteration of this comes in the form of a mischievous little piece in the media (5/15/2024) that makes some ridiculous allegations about the PPP elections at it 32nd Congress.
The complaint of a compromised election process is baseless. For the record, I was a delegate at the Congress, and was present through the three days of the historic event. The election was conducted in the most transparent manner possible. Numerous protocols were in place.
I have no doubt that the PPP would provide the details about the process when asked. In the meantime, I can tell you that the letter in question is self-contradictory. It claims that a list went around, and several long-time and well-known PPP candidates’ names were missing. The truth is all – and I repeat – all those candidates were actually elected. As for the ranking of candidates as determined by the vote count, I can only say that the ballots added up. Moreover, it is not unusual in democratic elections for the ‘fortunes’ of repeat candidates to go up and down, even if by small margins. That is exactly what happened here.

Dr Randy Persaud

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