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Police Conduct Raid Exercise in Mahdia Arcade Area

Police Conduct Raid Exercise in Mahdia Arcade Area

Police Conduct Raid Exercise in Mahdia Arcade Area

Last week, police officers from Regional Division #8 conducted a comprehensive ‘raid exercise’ in the Mahdia Arcade area, targeting homes, shops, and stalls in search of illegal firearms, ammunition, narcotics, and stolen goods. Despite the thorough search, no illegal items were discovered during the operation.

However, during the course of the search, officers came across two black plastic bags containing a suspicious substance. The bags were found in separate locations: one wedged between a wooden post and zinc, while the other was concealed under an old mat within a garbage heap, an area accessible to numerous individuals.

Upon closer inspection, it was determined that the substance inside the bags consisted of leaves, seeds, and stems suspected to be Cannabis. The police promptly photographed, collected, and transported the bags to the station for further examination. Subsequent weighing revealed that one bag contained approximately 120 grams of the suspected Cannabis, while the other bag contained around 25 grams.

While the raid did not yield the intended results in terms of illegal firearms or ammunition, the discovery of the suspected narcotics underscores the ongoing efforts of law enforcement to address drug-related activities in the area.

Authorities remain vigilant in their efforts to maintain law and order and ensure the safety and security of residents in Mahdia and surrounding areas.

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