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New Toshao elected at Orealla-Siparuta

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… Derrick John re-elected Toshao of Moraikobai

Orealla-Siparuta Toshao Laurence Vandenburg

Laurence Vandenburg is the new Toshao for Orealla-Siparuta. The results of Wednesday’s elections were made known after midnight on Thursday and showed Vandenburg securing almost one-third of the total ballots cast.
Twenty-six-year-old primary school teacher Vandenburg said it was an honour for him to have gained the confidence of the community, adding that it was a “privilege” and he would put his best foot forward to do all he can for the community.
Vandenburg secured 206 votes to win the four-person contest for Toshao.
Former Toshao Lewis DeVair secured 153 votes; David Henry, 111 and Thesius Henry, 180.
DeVair had been accused by residents of not managing the affairs of the communities properly. Residents also claimed that the communities had not been benefiting from their resources as they should.

Re-elected Moraikobai Toshao Derrick John taking the oath of office

Both Orealla and Siparuta produce sand and timber.
First-time voter Elvin Dick said the communities have not shown signs of improvement for over a decade. He said he was hopeful that the new leaders would place more emphasis on sports and create jobs in the area.
Another voter, Stewart Peneux ,in pointing out the importance of the elections, said there was a need for good governance in the two communities.
“Over the years, we have tried different people to lead…we have tried elders; we have tried people with good sense but they haven’t been able to rectify this or give a proper diagnosis as to what has been happening in this area of governance. Lawrence is a well-rounded individual, capable, spiritual and well-groomed. He is the person I think can take this community from this situation to a better situation,” Peneux said.
During his campaign, Vandenburg had said if elected Toshao, his priority would be accountability.

The 12 Councillors being sworn in for Moraikobai Village Council

“… if I get into office, I will make sure that we give a report to residents on a monthly basis and that our books will be audited annually,” he had told villagers.
He had also promised to pay much focus on improving utility services to residents, noting that because of the geographic location of some villagers of Orealla they do not receive potable water.
“Because the pump is located down the hill, some residents on the hill do not get water. If I am to be elected as Toshao that is one thing that I would like to look into and see how we can solve that issue,” he told the media during his campaign.
Following the announcement that he had become the new Toshao, he said those promises would be kept.
“I said in my campaign that I will be looking into the water system, the electricity and the sand. My number one priority will be in ensuring accountability besides projects for the community. Accountability has been a big problem for us over the years, so as I promised in my campaign… we will prepare our financial report at the end of each month and we will present those reports at the general meeting which will be held every quarter,” the new Toshao assured.
Meanwhile, Moraikobai, located 96 miles up the Mahaicony River, in Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice), also held elections for its Toshao on Wednesday.
Residents re-elected their Toshao, Derrick John, for another term.
John, who is also Chairman of the National Toshaos Council, secured 135 votes ahead of Colin Adrian with 127 and Remington Adrian with 57.
Twelve persons were also elected to serve on the Moraikobai Village Council. (G4)

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