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National grief as former minister, diplomat and PNC/R executive Oscar Clarke passes

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Oscar Eleazar Clarke, fondly remembered as one of the longest-serving General Secretaries of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R), died on Wednesday. He was 84 years old.

The circumstances of his passing remain unknown but party members said he was seen hours earlier.

“The PNCR wishes to inform the general public and membership of our Party that we have lost a Stalwart, Mr. Oscar Clarke,” the party said in a statement.

Clarke was well loved and accomplished too having received the Cacique’s Crown of Honour (C.C.H.) in 2015, Guyana’s second highest award, given to citizens who have rendered service of an exceptionally high quality beyond the normal call.

“The void he left can never be filled,” the party said as tributes and expressions of shock and grief filled social media.

Clarke, CCH, was appointed General Secretary of the PNCR on December 1, 1968.  He started his service to the PNC in its youth arm and at the age of 26, he was selected to represent the Party in the National Assembly.

In 1965, he was made a Parliamentary Secretary and served as Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly from January 1, 1969 to December 31, 1969.

In a long and illustrious career that spanned over five decades, Oscar Clarke served Guyana as Minister of State, Minster of Regional Development, Minster of Home Affairs and Guyana’s High Commissioner to Zambia and the Front-Line States and Ambassador to the Republic of Cuba.

Clarke served as a Member of Parliament for 21 years.

In his later years and most recently he served as a Councillor at the Georgetown Mayor and City Council.

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