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MOM launches first Youth Empowerment, Mentorship programme

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-40 Georgetown children to benefit

Some 40 children residing in various Georgetown communities are set to receive valuable guidance and support through the first Youth Empowerment and Mentorship Programme, launched by the Men on Mission.

The programme, which also saw the collaboration of the private sector and the School of the Nations, was launched on Friday, at the One Guyana Kitchen on Main Street.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali delivering remarks earlier today at the launch of the Mentorship program

Commencing on June 1, children aged 5-14 will convene at the One Guyana Kitchen on Main Street for after-school activities geared towards skill enhancement. The School of the Nations will supplement the program with academic support through additional learning programs Mrs.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali lauded the programme’s alignment with the government’s  strategy of addressing social issues via public-private collaboration.

He emphasised the programme’s focus on vulnerable youth, providing them with essential resources to excel in academics and their social lives.

The programme’s well-rounded approach combines mandatory counseling and motivation sessions with positive activities like yoga and karate, equipping children for future success and fostering valuable contributions to society.

The government is building all of these systems to support every young person, but we need that guidance and that motivation and that modeling and that is what this group will do. So this group will bring together 40 children every day from the first of June.

They will have a nutritious meal. They will do their homework together. They will have access to the internet…they will have access to computers,” the president explained.

The President highlighted mentorship as a crucial tool for positive change. He expressed hope that lasting bonds will be forged through this program.

He also commended the willingness of the private sector to participate in the initiative, as they have committed time and resources to supporting the upbringing of these children for years to come.

This is not a commitment from these guys in the private sector for a day or two day. This is a commitment for years ahead. They want to see these children who are coming into this programme at five years old go through the programme and stick with the programme to finish their secondary school,” President Ali noted.

The head of state also pointed out that, similar to the joint Welding Programme with the School of the Nations’, which has nearly 1,000 registrants, the Youth Empowerment and Mentorship Programme aims to see these children into successful careers paths.

Expounding on the impact that the welding programme will have on Guyana’s youth, the president said, “These are persons who would have never had that opportunity that today, because of that certification, will be able to provide their services for everyone. And we have the private sector who are ready and able to employ all of those 1000 persons they all will be in a job.”

The Youth Empowerment and Mentorship initiative will also be expanded to communities along the Soesdyke/Linden highway, as well as in Regions Nine, Six and Three.

So as we build this beautiful Guyana in which prosperity must come to all, we are also building in this beautiful Guyana, positive citizens, citizens that will be valuable to our country, citizens that will be valuable to their communities, citizens that will make their parents proud citizens that will allow us to achieve our maximum potential, because we are now investing in you,” the head of state emphasised.

The Men on Mission was conceptualised by President Ali, and was brought to fruition in 2022. It aims to tackle social issues through training, mentorship and community support, bringing together men from all walks of life to uplift vulnerable persons.

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