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Ministry of Labour Investigates Boiler Explosion at Hack Rice Mill

Ministry of Labour Investigates Boiler Explosion at Hack Rice Mill

Ministry of Labour Investigates Boiler Explosion at Hack Rice Mill

The Ministry of Labour is diligently investigating a catastrophic boiler explosion that occurred on Thursday afternoon at Hack Rice Mill in Bush Lot, West Coast Berbice, Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice). Initial reports indicate that three young men sustained severe injuries as a result of the explosion.

The injured individuals have been identified as follows:

Sukra Harrygobin, 25 years old, resident of Bath Settlement, WCB – Boiler Operator

Farad Uddin, 19 years old, resident of Blairmont, West Bank Berbice – Boiler Operator

Anthony Ramlochan, also known as ‘Booby’, 20 years old, resident of Bush Lot, WCB

According to reports, workers at the mill heard a loud explosion, prompting them to investigate. They discovered the three men with apparent burns to their bodies. Harrygobin immediately raised an alarm after feeling pain following the explosion.

The injured individuals were swiftly transported to Fort Wellington Hospital for urgent medical attention. Harrygobin suffered the loss of his left ankle and minor burns to his upper right chest. Ramlochan sustained burns to over 50% of his body, while Uddin received lacerations to his right leg.

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Officer, Ms. Neza King, and Regional OSH Officer, Ms. Babita Singh, visited the site of the explosion accompanied by Steam Boiler Examiner, Mr. Mark Yhann from Yhann Engineering. They conducted interviews with the mill owner and examined the site to gather essential information for the ongoing investigation.

Statements have been obtained from the owner, and further interviews with the victims are scheduled for this week as part of the comprehensive investigation process.

The Ministry of Labour assures the public that investigations into this incident are underway, with a commitment to determining the cause of the explosion and ensuring that appropriate measures are implemented to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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