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Mechanic found dead in Mahaica house

Daneshwar Sawh also known as Derrick, a 50-year-old mechanic was found dead in his house at Riverview, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara on Saturday but police said the decomposing state of his body indicate that he died a day or two earlier.

According to reports, the man was an alcoholic and lived alone; he did mechanical work around the village.

He was last seen alive on May 09 around10:00 hrs by Bharrat Bhinauth, whom he was doing mechanical work for.  Sawh left for his home and did not return to complete the work.

As a result, the following day, Bhinauth visited Sawh’s home and saw him lying on his bed from through a window. He called out to him several times but got no response, and assumed he was drunk and went away.

On May 11, Bhinauth returned to Sawh’s home to get him to complete fixing his car and found him lying in the same position on his bed.  As a result, a report was made to the police.

The police visited and the home, however, due to the decomposed state of the body, it was not possible to determine whether the body bore marks of violence.

Sawh’s body was later escorted to the Memorial Gardens mortuary and is awaiting post-mortem examination.

Investigations are ongoing.

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