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Meadowbrook Nets secure 2nd win while Kwakwani Untouchables remain unbeaten

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On Wednesday, May 22, 2024, at the National Gymnasium, the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation’s Under-23 Club Championships took place.
Meadowbrook Nets recorded their second victory, while Kwakwani Untouchables maintained their perfect record and achieved the largest blowout of the competition thus far.
Meadowbrook Nets, with their ability to counter to the basket, secured their third victory against a winless Leonora D-up, with the Nets starting the game on a high to lead the first quarter with the scoreline reading 23 -10.
In the second quarter, the Nets continued to covert shots and held on to their lead as their score amounted to 39 points at the end of the quarter, scoring 16 points while Leonora D-up scored 17 points for a total of 27 points.

The unbeaten Kwakwani Untouchables

The Nets continued to keep their composure and showed their class, as they continued to hold on to their lead, netting 25 points while Leonora D-up were restricted to 5 points, with the scoreline reading 64-34 after the third quarter.
Meadowbrook Nets went on to secure the win in the final quarter with a scoreline of 82-39.
Chris Perez showcased his domination from the three-point line as he led the Nets’ offensive attack, scoring 19 points followed by Captain Peter Langevine contributing 15 points.
On the losing side, Mainny Marks continues to be persistent with his scoring as he managed to put the ball through the net for 15 points, with Captain Shaquan Archer contributing 12 points.
In a post-match interview, with media operatives Meadowbrook Nets Captain Langevine underlined the mistakes and improvement in their game.

The Meadowbrook Nets

Langevine underlined: “Well, we took the last two games as lessons so we know what we have to improve on such as free throws; we made more free throws than the last game, we were disciplined, we passed the ball. In the first and second quarters, we weren’t taking the game seriously, because we took advantage of the team, so we became disciplined in the other two quarters to maintain the top.”
In the second game of the evening, the Kwakwani Untouchables proved to be a formidable force in the tournament as they annihilated the Black Caimans. The Untouchables controlled the pace of the game as they used the jump ball to take an early lead of 22-9.
In the second quarter of the game, the Untouchables continued to conquer the defence of the Caimans as they scored 41 points, pushing their score to 63 points, while the Caimans were restricted to eight points for a total of 17 points.
The third quarter of the game saw both scoring 14 points, with Kwakwani elevating to 77 points while the Caimans had 31 at the end of the quarter.
In the final quarter, the Untouchables sealed the deal, breaking through their opponents’ defences and becoming the first team to reach triple digits with the scoreline reading 100-33 in their favour.
Kimmol Grimmond led the offensive attack for Kwakwani as he top-scored with 23 points, with Kadeem Power making 13 points and Kasim English was prolific as he contributed 16 points.
In a post-match interview with media operatives, Captain of Kwakwani Untouchables, Demarcus Adams expounded on the key towards the win.
“I would say is a team effort whereas defensively and offensively, first it starts with defence trying to like get every play, the hustles, everything; just trying to put the best foot forward, because is always a team effort. I would always say if one player slacking up, the next player would pick up where that player left off just trying to hold one head as a team,” Adams said.

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