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Mahipaul pulls out of PNC-R leadership race

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– Forde, Walton-Disir remain on course to challenge Norton

Opposition Member of Parliament (MP), Ganesh Mahipaul who also serves as an Executive Member of the People’s National Congress/Reform on Tuesday announced that he is no longer in the run for the party’s leadership.
This new development is a shock to party supporters after he announced that he would run against the incumbent leader, Aubrey Norton three weeks ago.
In a missive on Tuesday, Mahipaul stated “After much reflection and drawing upon my 15 years of invaluable experience within the PNCR, including my tenure in 2009 as Secretary to the A Field Sophia GYSM and my journey to the Central Executive Committee, I have realised that I am not yet fully prepared to undertake the responsibilities of leading our party.”
He noted that while he recognises the significance of ambition in the political landscape, he is equally mindful of the importance of experience and readiness.
“The role of Leader requires not only winning the office but also delivering on the promises to our members and constituents with the full acceptance that it is a long, lonely lane full of harsh criticism,” he added.
Further, he stated that in acknowledging his abilities and areas for growth, he believes that his current stage of development within the party warrants further experience and learning before aspiring to the position of Leader.
“Therefore, with humility and foresight, I am compelled to graciously decline any nomination for Leader at this congress.”
He is nevertheless, eager to continue serving the PNCR and its shared vision for progress and prosperity.
“As such, I am honored to accept nominations for the Central Executive Committee, where I can contribute effectively to our party’s objectives while continuing to hone my skills and readiness for future leadership roles.”
The Opposition MP also wishes to express his heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated PNCR membership who had approached him to consider running for the leadership of the party at its Biennial Congress set for June 18-30, 2024.
Meanwhile, joining Party Executive Roysdale Forde, SC, for the party’s leadership is Amanza Walton-Desir. In a social media post last week, Walton-Desir posited “Absolutely, yes, I’m open. I’m available. I did give my word that as soon as the process is properly kick-started, that I would say and so, I am. I am. I am open.”
Back in March, Forde was confident that he had the “integrity” to lead the Opposition to victory in the 2025 elections. As such, he rolled out a “Regroup, Refocus and Rebuild” plan which he believes will deliver electoral victory for the party.
Having served in the PNCR since the 1990s and now being at the highest decision-making body within the party – the CEC, Forde, who is currently the Shadow Attorney General in the National Assembly, believes he not only has the experience but has garnered the support of membership across the country to take the top spot in the leading Opposition party.
“I believe that I have done the work that is required. I have travelled throughout the length and breadth of Guyana to interface with our supporters and I believe that they have expressed their interest and confidence in seeing me as the leader of the party. On the question of experience, I believe that I bring to bear, sufficient and adequate experience which will be able to impact positively on moving the party forward. I am aware that the Leader said that he is experienced, and the party would not want to be placed into the hands of an inexperienced person, I certainly agree with him, but I believe that my track record, in and out of politics, demonstrates sufficient experience,” Forde told reporters when he announced his leadership bid.
Shortly after Forde’s announcement, Mahipaul, while sitting alongside Norton at a weekly press conference, told reporters that he believes he has what it takes to lead the PNCR. But he said that it would be up to the party’s membership to decide whether he would run.
“I believe that I am aptly qualified to run for leader of this party. I believe that I satisfy all the requirements, and I believe I am very experienced when it comes to the party’s structure and workings. And if groups from this People’s National Congress Reform see me fit and they nominate me for such a position, I will take into serious consideration, their nomination and decide at the right time,” Mahipaul had stated.

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