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Linden infrastructure revamp: Residents applaud govt’s $1.8B investment

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Residents in Linden, Region Ten are benefitting from a significant infrastructure overhaul, with the government investing $1.8 billion in the rehabilitation of 84 critical roads within the township.

Communities such as Coomacaka, Nottinghamshire, Canvas City, Green Valley, Blueberry Hill, Silvertown, Wismar, Christianburg, One Mile, Amelia Ward, Half Mile, Retrieve, South Amelias Ward, and Constabulary Road are among the beneficiaries of this transformative initiative.

These infrastructure works, sphearheaded by the Ministry of Public Works, improved  connectivity and safety for residents, marking a major leap forward in community development efforts.

Residents, in a recent interview conducted by the Department of Public Information (DPI), expressed profound relief and optimism in response to the infrastructure upgrade.

Wayne Rodrigues, proprietor of Waynes World Resort, praised the construction of roads in his community, citing its profound positive impact on businesses and the local populace.

He remarked, “The road is very much beneficial to our business and also the community. We did mention it to the ministers when they visited us, and thankfully they completed it and it is a good road and we appreciate it.”

Wayne Rodrigues, Resident

Sharing her testimony to the transformative effects of the upgrades, Madijah Bess reflected on the perils of the dilapidated roads before the intervention.

She stated, “All like how this May/June step in right about now you can’t walk in Green Valley and come down from by the bridge cause they had like three-person done fracture their foot already.

“Right now you could run and go down the hill right about now. And cars go straight into by me right now …so I am so happy about that.”

Madijah Bess, Resident

Another resident, Michael Juke, underscored the importance of infrastructural upgrades for regional development.

“Developing starts with roads, a lot of people start talking about jobs and so on but doing be able to last more longer and you could able to go from A to B instead of stopping off here because the road bad.

“One of the road I see they doing is Block 22, that’s good. The road from Johno School to go up to West Wootooka that’s good because since I am living in Linden that road is a very bad road and that is a main part,” he underscored.

Michael Juke, Resident

The rehabilitation of infrastructure in Linden aligns with the government’s commitment to fostering socio-economic development and prosperity in the region.

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