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IKD World Cup scheduled for July in Guyana

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Master Frank Woon-A-Tai

First announced back in April 2023, the International Karate Daigaku (IKD) is set to host its fourth World Cup in Guyana, IKD Founder Frank Woon-A-Tai confirmed on Wednesday evening.
The international event is scheduled for July 15 to July 22, with 400-500 karatekas from over 20 countries already signed up to compete.
Quizzed about the ongoing preparations, Woon-A-Tai informed that they were coming along “nicely”.
He said, “Right now, I’m dealing with the visas for the overseas competitors, as well as getting them settled in the hotels; well I’m making hotel arrangements for them. We have about 10 hotels that we recommend within the US$100-$120 range and they’re very good hotels. I’ve inspected all of them myself, so, it’s coming along nicely.”

Woon-A-Tai second from right is surrounded by his wife, Moureen and other members of the IKD and Guyana Karate College (GKC)

When asked about the support the international tournament is receiving thus far, the IKD Chief Instructor related that he was confident of receiving Government’s support, given their history with the Association.
“I haven’t approached them [Government] yet, but I know they’ll be supportive. His Excellency, when I had the Gala at the New Thriving Restaurant at Providence, he gave us $10 million to help us complete the College,” a confident Woon-A-Tai shared.
This year’s IKD World Cup is being hosted in honour and celebration of the Shuseki Shihan’s (Top Instructor) 60th Anniversary. The event was scheduled to be hosted at the Cliff Andersons Sports Hall (CASH), but it is unclear whether that facility will be up to code by that time.

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