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Guyana’s aviation sector poised for increased growth with legislative enhancements

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Member of Parliament (MP) Sanjeev Datadin has underscored the imperative need for continuous enhancement of Guyana’s civil aviation legislation to accommodate the rapid growth of air travel in the country.

Speaking in support of the Civil Aviation (Amendment) Act 2024, during the 81st sitting of the National Assembly at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC) Friday last, MP Datadin emphasised the pivotal role of legislative reforms in advancing the aviation sector.

“This amendment is essential and critical for the improvement of Guyana’s aviation sector. Our economy is growing at a rate so phenomenal. We are classified as the fastest-growing economy in the world. The economic growth is such that air traffic has improved and increased by staggering proportions.”

He continued “If we want to go further and have the development trajectory continue, we have got to change our laws. We have got to comply with what is known as the Chicago Convention.”

Highlighting the remarkable expansion of air traffic, Datadin revealed staggering statistics illustrating the substantial increase in passenger and cargo volumes.

The MP noted that in 2015, Guyana’s airport facilitated 504,032 passengers, a figure that soared to 729,450 in 2023, marking a remarkable 45 per cent increase.

Similarly, cargo traffic witnessed a phenomenal 84 per cent surge, from 6,112 kilogrammes in 2015 to 11,726 kilogrammes recently.

With the resurgence of international carriers such as British Airways and United Airlines, the country’s aviation sector was further propelled.

British Airways has reinstated its flights to Guyana, offering twice-weekly services to London, while United Airlines now operates three weekly flights to Houston.

Additionally, major carrier like JetBlue, American Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, and Inter-Caribbean Airlines, also contributes to the exponential growth of air traffic.

Notably, American Airlines offers two daily flights to Miami and New York, JetBlue operates daily services to New York, and Caribbean Airlines provides multiple daily flights to destinations including Trinidad, Toronto, and New York.

Datadin said by prioritising legislative reforms, Guyana is slated to significantly benefit from the full potential of its aviation sector and consolidate its position as a key player globally.

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