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Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Linden Championship: Bullets, Valley Side, YMCA secure round of 16 berths

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Former two-time champion Silver Bullets, Valley Side, and YMCA advanced to the round of 16 segment when the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Linden Championship continued on Friday evening at the Silver City Hardcourt.
Silver Bullets riddled Aroaima 6-0. Colywn Drakes tallied a hat-trick via a 14th minute conversion and a ‘Guinness Goal’ (GG) [a goal scored in the final three minutes of the match counts as two] in the 19th minute. Adding a brace was Clifton Halley in the 13th and 15th minutes, while Felix Innis scored in the 16th.
Similarly, YMCA dismantled the Assassa Ballers 8-0. Kevin Gittens recorded a helmet trick in the 15th, 16th, and 18th minutes. Adding a brace in the fifth and seventh minutes was Jamal Bentick, while Kymani Prince tallied a GG in the 19th minute.

The YMCA team

On the other hand, Valley Side downed the High Rollers 2-1. Mark Richards and Alton Duke scored in the fifth and 17th minutes, respectively. On target for the loser was Omar Brewley in the 14th minute.
In other results, Top Striker dismantled Double 6 by a 4-0 score. Shelton Whittaker recorded a hat-trick in the rout. Whittaker found the back of the net in the eighth minute, alongside a GG in the 19th minute. Netting a goal in the third minute was Rodwick Hamilton.
Also, Turf President downed the BB Ballers 2-0. Kelroy Anthony and Malachi Todd scored in the 12th and 15th minutes, respectively.
The winner of the event will pocket $500,000 and the championship trophy, while the second-place finisher will receive $400,000 and the corresponding accolade. The third and fourth-place finishers will pocket $300,000 and $250,000, respectively, and the corresponding trophy.
The event will resume on Wednesday at the same venue with another round of elimination matches.

The Valley Side outfit

Complete Results
Guinness Goal-(GG)-2 Goals

High Rollers-1 vs. Valley Side 2

Valley Side scorers
Mark Richards-5th
Alton Duke-17th

High Rollers scorer
Omar Brewley-14th

Aroaima-0 vs. Silver Bullets-6
Colwyn Drakes-14th, and (GG)-19th
Clifton Halley-13th and 15th
Felix Innis-16th

Double 6-0 vs. Top Striker-4
Shelton Whittaker-8th and GG-19th
Rodwick Hamilton-3rd

One Syde-0 vs. DC Ballers-0
DC Ballers won 2-1 on penalty kicks

Turf President-2 vs. BB Ballers-0
Kelroy Anthony-12th
Malachi Todd-15th

YMCA-8 vs. Assassa Ballers-0
Kevin Gittens-15th, 16th, and GG-18th
Kymani Prince-GG-19th
Jamal Bentick-5th and 7th

Pro Ballers-0 vs. Speightland-0
Pro Ballers won 5-4 on sudden death penalty kicks

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