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Govt tackling squatting affecting infrastructure works at Plantation Fitz Hope, Linden

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The government has accelerated its efforts to address squatting in Plantation Fitz Hope, also referred to as ‘Amelia’s Ward Phase Four’ in Linden, Region Ten.

Currently, eight informal structures are obstructing infrastructure development there.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA), Sherwyn Greaves led a team to the area where a thorough assessment was conducted on Wednesday.

CHPA’s Chief Executive Officer, Sherwyn Greaves, examines the map for the area along with the Director of the Community Development Department, Gladwin Charles, and other technical officers

Despite past allocations in the area, squatting persists. Efforts have been made to provide ownership documents to more than 160 individuals who were previously squatting.

Currently, some 424 house lots are designated for allocation in the area.

The CEO emphasised the need to assess the informal structures to determine if relocation is necessary to ensure progress in housing development.

“We cannot have the work being held up. We must proceed to put people into their home,” Greaves stressed.

He highlighted that essential infrastructure works are already underway in the area to allow allottees to access their lands to commence construction of their homes.

Infrastructure works ongoing in the area

“We want persons to move into their new homes and we want them to sign their legal documents so they could have the security of tenure to go to the banks and start building their homes,” the CEO reiterated.

The government is taking decisive action to address squatting issues nationwide, with a firm stance against the recognition of new squatting areas.

CEO Greaves further noted that squatting is unnecessary given the ongoing house lot allocations nationwide.

Additionally, efforts are being advanced to acquire additional lands for allocations in Region Ten.

In Plantation York, land clearing is currently underway, paving the way for the construction of homes tailored for young professionals.

An Aerial view of the Fitz Hope housing area

Meanwhile, plans for 2024 include over 500 allocations in Fitz Hope and more than 200 in Plantation York.

“There are a lot of exciting things for Linden. We continue the infrastructure work in the existing schemes to put in the roads and lights. Linden is high up on our agenda and we [will] continue the progress in this area,” he stressed.

In 2022, a substantial investment of $505.8 million was allocated to the infrastructure programme for Amelia’s Ward Phase Four housing area. Further advancements were made in 2023, including upgrades in Wisroc.

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