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Government Invests Millions in Road Upgrades for Manchester Region Six

Government Invests Millions in Road Upgrades for Manchester Region Six

Government Invests Millions in Road Upgrades for Manchester Region Six

The Government of Guyana has allocated over $313.3 million for the rehabilitation of several key thoroughfares in Manchester, Region Six. These infrastructure improvements are designed to bolster community development, enhance accessibility, and improve connectivity, ultimately contributing to the betterment of residents’ livelihoods.

This significant investment falls under the Ministry of Public Works’ Miscellaneous Road Programme, which aims to revitalize infrastructure across various communities in the region.

The rehabilitation projects include upgrades to First Cross Street and Second Cross Street, located west and east of Manchester Secondary School, respectively. Each street received individual investments exceeding $20 million. Third Cross Street, situated west of Manchester Secondary School, underwent upgrades amounting to $24.5 million.

Moreover, the initiative encompassed the rehabilitation of Manchester Nursery School streets, comprising both lot one and lot two, with a combined investment exceeding $31 million. These improvements not only enhance safety but also ensure a secure environment for students, teachers, and all road users within the community.

Beyond school routes, other critical roads received attention. The upgrades to Third Cross Street, East of Manchester Secondary School ($24 million) and Fifth Cross Street West of Middlewalk Liverpool Village ($18 million) are expected to significantly impact residents’ daily lives by improving accessibility and road quality.

Furthermore, rehabilitation works were carried out on First Cross Street and Hogstye main access road, addressing long-standing issues of road safety and quality. These projects, valued at approximately $17.7 million and $19.5 million, respectively, will benefit hundreds of residents and road users, reducing travel time and enhancing accessibility.

Additionally, over $45 million was invested in the rehabilitation of the Main Access, North and South, First Cross Street, aimed at improving connectivity within the region. Works were also conducted on the Main Access (Place of Worship Street), Kuru Kuru College Street, Manchester, to stimulate economic growth in the communities.

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