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GMRSC appoints Drag Racing Committee to enhance motorsports

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The Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMRSC) is proud to announce the formation of the Drag Racing Committee, which aims to elevate the drag racing discipline within the motorsports community. This committee, comprising esteemed drivers and owners, including Krishna Ramsewack, Pierre Singh, Balram Ramdeo, and Imran Khan, will collaborate closely with GMRSC to drive innovation and excellence in drag racing.

From left: Imran Khan, Balram Ramdeo, Krishna Ramsewack and Pierre Singh

Each member brings a wealth of experience and passion for the sport, ensuring that the interests of both competitors and enthusiasts are well-represented. Together, they will work tirelessly to enhance the drag racing experience, implement safety measures, and organize exhilarating events that captivate audiences and push the boundaries of performance.
Furthermore, GMRSC is delighted to announce Trans Pacific Motors Spares & Auto Sales Inc., led by Krishna Ramsewack, as one of the official sponsors for the 2024 drag racing season. This partnership underscores a shared commitment to the growth and development of drag racing in Guyana.
Round 2 of the thrilling drag racing action is set to ignite the track on Sunday, May 19. With over 50 competitors registered for this eagerly anticipated event, spectators can expect adrenaline-fueled races and electrifying showdowns.
– Adults: $2000
– Kids: $1000
– VIP: $10,000
– Staging Area Pass: $20,000

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