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Georgetown must be remodelled into a modern city

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Dear Editor,
In a previous article in the press, I highlighted the fact that there needs to be a general overhaul of Georgetown. I am talking about a total restructuring of the present outlay of the city. Having said this, we must now direct our attention to the strict adherence to town planning. It entails the planning and design of all the new buildings, roads, and open spaces to make the area more attractive and convenient, for those who live and conduct business there. Town planning is the process of managing land resources; it involves the control of existing features as well as the establishment of new requirements for the urban area. It is a dynamic process that changes in response to policy, development proposals, and local needs.
Making a quick comparison of Georgetown to what town planning rules stipulate, we find the city taking on the appearance of a large ghetto fabulous place where anything goes. Ad hoc situations are existing everywhere, with no order as it relates to the use of space. The Central Business District (CBD) which forms a giant T-shape takes in the areas of Stabroek, Avenue of the Republic, Water Street, and the full length of Regent Street. It is an area that is highly congested, marked by a conglomeration of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and buyers and sellers all competing for that limited space.
The resultant effect is a foul-smelling, garbage-filled, rat-infested mess, these are the vector-like conditions that greet you every day. Georgetown has to be remodelled, and the time for such a renewal is now!
Firstly, to remove that present stigma attached to Georgetown, one must get down to serious town planning a redesign of the city. The second aspect, which, in my view, is of utmost importance, is doing away with petty politics that impede progress, get down to solving the real issues facing the city and you will see the grand renewal of a city named Georgetown.
I have highlighted some areas that need immediate attention.
1. Build a modern mega-market at Big Market, that is, the entire area that covers The Stabroek Block of buildings. This plan goes for the Bourda, Kitty, and East La Penitence Markets. It will also bring a swift end to street vending, as all street sellers would have been accommodated in the new markets around the city.
2. The vacant spaces remaining after the vendors have been removed can be used for the parking of route buses and taxi operators.
3. In this way, the streets of Georgetown can be properly cleaned, the alleyways and gutters cleared of all debris and proper drainage restored.
4. Construct a high-rise car park in the heart of the city, the Bourda Cemetery is the ideal location. This long condemned burial ground would accommodate vehicular traffic coming into the city to conduct business. A High-rise car park would also solve the problem of illegal parking in the city. There could be no excuse for illegal parking.
The proposed plan for a modern city is in keeping with the development of Guyana as a whole. For this plan to achieve its full potential, the municipality of Georgetown must adopt and adapt to the broader future outlook.

Neil Adams

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