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…and new PNC leader?

Well, well, well…now that the PPP have held their Congress and elected their office-bearers who’ll be seeing them through the 2025 elections, the two opposition parties left standing – the PNC and the AFC – have become emboldened to announce that they’ll be following suit!!
Monkey see, Monkey do?? Or is it the result of some strategic thinking, to see whom the PPP would put up as their standard-bearers, so they can now “cut to fit”?? Somehow, your Eyewitness doesn’t go along with the latter, since the opposition parties’ recent bumblings don’t reflect any sort of strategic thinking!!
Do the PNC wanna-be leaders really believe boycotting African Guyanese businesses, who were just being polite to an effusive Pres Ali, burnishes their image?? This is right down there with refusing to shake hands with the same Pressie; it’s downright childish and insulative to the hospitable nature of the PNC’s traditional constituency!!
Anyhow, the PNC came up with a theme for their Congress: “Forming the next government; Building a just, inclusive and prosperous society for all”. So, they’re gonna be doing all of this at the Congress, being held over just three days – June 28 to 30?? Forming the next Government?? They’ll be mounting a coup? Since elections to have a stab at changing the Government aren’t due till next year!
This would mean that the Wild Man fringe group are calling the shots from their social media platforms!! Now, if they do stage a coup and take over the Government over that weekend, can they “Build a just, inclusive and prosperous society for all” instantly?? How? By giving US$1million to every Guyanese family?? A new Declaration of Sophia??
But your Eyewitness wonders whether they’ll settle their leadership tussle before staging the coup. Or will they follow Cuffy and have the leadership contest afterwards? We know how that ended, don’t we?? Not very well for Cuffy!! But whether before or after, who might emerge as Numero Uno of the PNC after June 30?? There are three contestants – the incumbent Norton, and challengers Forde and Desir, who are both lawyers. The latter two present a more traditional PNC face to the delegates, who’ll all be coming to Congress Place in person. Norton was pretty much picked as leader after the movers and shakers felt Granger should’ve stuck it to the PPP after the 5-month holdout!! And Norton would manners the PPP.
If the voting is fair – which is an oxymoron when we’re talking about the PNC counting ballots!! – it’ll be either of the two lawyers with their middle-class credentials. If, on the other hand, the party mechanism remains in the hands of the exec, who were all handpicked by Norton, then the PNC’s back to hard stares and no handshakes!!

…and Dead Meat
Imagine, the AFC picked the Saturday smack in the middle of the weekend when the PNC would be holding their Congress for their gathering!! Was it because those members who’re actually crypto PNC members had to be allowed to participate in the dust-up over in Congress Place?? But it really doesn’t matter, does it? In the inspired phrase of AFC Leader Ramjattan – right before he hitched up with the PNC – his party has become “Dead Meat”!! And “dead meat” doesn’t matter where they meet – they’ll stink up whenever or wherever they gather!!
Their one-time front man rose from the Dead Meat state to publish a book that just provides fodder to all who have been snickering at the AFC ever since Granger started walking all over them – without a murmur of protest!! Then, of course, the PNC have made it clear they won’t be providing no coattail for them to hold on to come 2025. So, what is left for them?
More putrefaction!!

…and revival
GuySuCo just got a new CEO – a fella with a background in finance, like his predecessor – but also with decades of experience with cane farming!! And make no bones about it – the industry’s never gonna be saved, unless there’s cane!!

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