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ExxonMobil outfits teachers/Coaches ahead of U14 tournament

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ExxonMobil’s Ryan Hoppie and Chase’s Academy’s Oronde Chase displaying T-shirts in the presence of organizers and other teachers and coaches who have received uniforms 

Oil giants ExxonMobil Guyana and the Petra Organization on Tuesday signalled their intent to value teachers and coaches, as they outfitted those who would be steering teams in the upcoming ExxonMobil Boys’ and Girls’ Under-14 Football Tournament.
Ahead of the tournament’s official commencement this Saturday, the teachers and coaches were presented with their official, spanking new uniforms at the National Library in Georgetown on Tuesday.
Speaking at the event, Petra Co-Director Troy Mendonca spoke of the value that the teachers and coaches add to the smooth running of the tournament. “We thought about this, because we want to grow together. We want our programmes, which hinge a lot on teachers and coaches, to have their part…in a very serious way,” Mendonca shared.
The member of the organizing body went on to add, “Over the years, we’ve been engaging you guys at the team briefing and probably individually. At the end of the day, it’s a school football tournament, we have to listen to you guys, we are the coordinators, but we understand that without your input, sacrifice, and dedication, it is not the programme we set out to do.”
Sharing similar sentiments was ExxonMobil’s Community Relations Advisor Ryan Hoppie, who expressed to the teachers gathered, “It is because of the commitment and dedication, I’d like to say of all of you here today, that we are at the place that we’re at — about to kick off the tournament. And I thank you for your investment, the effort and resources that you’ve placed in this tournament, to ensure opportunities as well as safe spaces are created for our youth through these tournaments. I mean, I can’t underscore how important it is to ensure that the support from teachers, coaches, managers, parents and communities are not just taken for granted. It is invaluable to the success of these tournaments, but also to the development of our children.
“It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child, and you here are all part of that village, you’re part of that community; so don’t take it lightly that the investments made today are moulding them and helping them to shape a brighter future. This is more than just football. This is discipline, it’s respect, it’s love, it’s patience; I dare say a whole lot of patience. The sacrifice, and I believe that our boys and girls can attain anything positive that they set their minds to achieve,” Hoppie went on to state.
The ExxonMobil U14 Boys’ and Girls’ tournament will kick off this Saturday, May 25th, at the Ministry of Education (MoE) Ground, Carifesta Avenue. The tournament will begin in the group stage. After the high, the top teams and likely beat second place teams will advance.
The tournament is sponsored by ExxonMobil, Stenna Drilling Ltd, MVP Sports and Demerara Distillers’ Limited (DDL) under their Pepsi Brand.

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