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Down syndrome worker fired after twenty years on the job

down syndrome

A man with down syndrome who worked for a Wendy’s restaurant for 20 years was fired from the job he dreamed of retiring from.

Dennis Peek who has down syndrome was terminated from the fast food chain’s location in Stanley, North Carolina because he was ‘unable to perform the duties of a normal person job’, his sister Cona Young Turner shared on Facebook.

‘My brother Dennis has worked at Wendy’s in Stanley for over 20 years and I am heartbroken to say they have fired him!!!!!!!!’ she wrote on October 5.

‘His dream was to retire from there someday and he was looking forward to a huge retirement party, we may just give him that party and tell him he has retired because he does not understand being fired!!!!!!!’

Enraged at the decisions many individuals took to social media about the poor decision made by wendy’s which resulted in them giving him his job back.

Dennis peek down syndrome employee got fired
Having down syndrome Dennis Peek poses for a photo source (Cona Young Turner)

One person said ” This is totally unbelievable! He was a loyal employee for 20 years. I hope there are major repercussions as a result of this! This is not what Wendy’s is about. They are headquartered here in Columbus, Ohio. If their founder Dave Thomas were still amongst us, I guarantee he would be very upset! Dennis should be honored with a Parade and a Proclamation from your city!!!”

His sister has made several updates regarding the situation and quoted Dennis will not be returning to the job. Instead, he will proceed to the retirement he always dreamed of by having a retirement party.

She also provided an address where persons can make donations to Dennis to support this venture

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