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In this blog post I will highlight these achievements of Gru

  • Drawing a picture of him sitting on the moon
  • Making macaroni prototype rocket
  • Making a full-size, fully functional rocket
  • Stealing the crown of Queen of England at Scarlet Overkill
  • The villain of the Year (seen in the newspaper)
  • Stealing Times Square Jumbotron
  • Stealing the Freedom Statue (a small one from Las Vegas)
  • Stealing the Eiffel Tower (small Las Vegas)
  • Stealing Shrink Ray in a secret East Asian area
  • Welcoming three girls from Ms. Hattie’s Girls’ Home
  • Stealing Shrink Ray (back to Vector)
  • Rocket making (with the help of Minion and Dr. Nefario)
  • Monthly theft (for now)
  • Saves Margo, Edith, and Agnes in Vector
  • Unintentional return of the moon
  • Being the second largest super villain in the world
  • He started his own jams / jellies / preserves business
  • He has been awarded the Anti-Villain’s League on the job
  • He found that El Macho was still alive after 20 years of ‘death’
  • He avenged Margo’s time of wasting on Antonio by using his Freeze Ray on him
  • He restored his followers to normalcy (most of them)
  • Defeated El Macho by using the Lip Stick Taser (and copied Lucy Wilde’s character)
  • He rescued Lucy Wilde from the rocket to the volcano (and began her first 147 days)
  • You have received an apology from Mr. Ramsbottom for underestimating his skills (despite not being shown in the movie)

Which of these achievements is your Favorite ?

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