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Construction worker dies crashing motorcycle into donkey

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A motorcyclist is now dead after he crashed his bike into a donkey said to have tried to run across the road.
Dead is heavy-duty machine operator, Kumar Atmaram of Gangaram Settlement, East Canje, Berbice.

Dead: Kumar Atmaram

The 23-year-old lost his life on Sunday evening after the motorcycle he was riding at the time reportedly crashed into an animal.
This has resulted in relatives expressing concern over the large number of animals on that section of the country’s road network.
According to the police, Atmaram was riding motorcycle, CK 1572 along the Betsy Ground Public Road at a fast rate, when he lost control crashed into the donkey and fell onto the road surface, where he received injuries.
He was then picked up in an unconscious condition and taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
His father told Guyana Times that his son was at the time returning home from a shop two villages away when he crashed.
He said that when he arrived on the scene the police were already there and a crowd had gathered.
According to Narinedatt Atmaram, he saw a sheet covering a body on the road and he raised it up for confirmation that it was indeed his son.
“He was dead already,” the senior Atmaram said.
“They told me that the donkeys were behind the truck and while they were fighting, he was riding coming. All of a sudden the donkey run out from behind the truck on the road and he crash into it. No brakes mark. He didn’t have a chance to hold brakes and he pitched off from the bike and brake his neck,” he said he was told.
At the time Atmaram was wearing a safety helmet, which his father referred to as being a cheap one.
“The helmet break up. It is a thin helmet and it buss up.”
Villagers said the animal was also killed on the spot and its body was subsequently removed by the NDC.
Atmaram has expressed concern over the large number of animals roaming the upper sections of the East Canje main access road noting that stray donkeys are being captured from a section of the Corentyne where they have become a worrying concern to vehicles operating in the rice industry. The captured animals are being released in the Upper East Canje area.
“At one time they had stray catchers to get the animals off the road and then the people who own the animals start to talk up because they feel that it is the right thing that they doing having their animals on the road).”
He pointed out that many of the accidents which occur in East Canje and along the East Berbice Highway are as a result of animals on the roadway.
“Nobody doing anything; even to the government not doing anything,” he added.
“Cows, donkeys and horses are on the road and nobody removing them. I lost my son, he never married, hasn’t seen life as yet and he lost his life just like that,” a hurt Atmaram said.
Meanwhile, police are continuing their investigations and say they are awaiting a post-mortem examination of Atmaram’s body. (G4)

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