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Condolences : K9 sir Dies in the line of Duty

From the San Diego Police Department, We are deeply saddened to announce the tragic loss of a valued member of our team, K9 Sir. He was tragically killed in the line of duty early this morning in the Mesa College area.

When did K9 SIR join the Police Department?

A 4 ½-year-old Belgian Malinois, K9 Sir joined our ranks in March 2022, showing courage, commitment, and dedication in every situation he faced. He was a beloved member of our department and community.

This marks the second loss of a police canine in the line of duty – a somber reminder of the risks faced by all our officers, both two and four-legged.

K9 sir Dies in the line of Duty

We are genuinely touched by the outpouring of support and condolences we’ve received. Together, we will remember him, celebrate his life, and honor his heroic service.

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