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Chef robbed at knife-point outside Kitty house

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A 29-year-old chef was on Sunday morning held at knife-point and robbed of her handbag containing her personal belongings as she was about to his enter her Kitty, Georgetown house.

Police Headquarters in a statement said an investigation has been launched into the robbery which took place around 10:50hrs.

The victim, Aleya Fiedtkou of Stanley Place and David Street Kitty, Georgetown was relieved of her handbag containing her personal documents and an Apple 11 pro max IPhone valued $200,000.

According to the statement, Fiedtkou was about to enter her yard when she was confronted by two men on a motorcycle. One of the men was armed with a knife.

One of the suspects placed the knife at the victim’s neck while the other lifted his jersey, showing her that he had what appeared to be a firearm in his waist.

This scared the victim and she released the bag to the suspects.

The men then returned to their motorcycle and headed south along Stanley Place, Kitty.

Police said a sergeant, who was seated in his vehicle, observed the robbery and saw the suspects coming in his direction.

So, he came out of his vehicle and discharged three rounds in the suspects direction with his service revolver.

However, despite this, the bandits managed to escape south along Vlissengen Road.

Police said several persons were questioned and CCTV cameras were seen in the area. The camera is yet to be reviewed.

Several health institutions were also visited in search of the perpetrators.

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