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Breaking Victoria Police recover 1 stolen puppy

When did victoria police make the arrest?

Victoria Police have arrested a woman following the theft of a puppy from a Heywood property in October.

Whilst executing a search warrant at a Portland residence, the 10-week-old Border Collie puppy was located in a back shed.

Kudos to the officer at the victoria police
Kudos to the officer at the victoria police

Although the pup was in a distressed state, fortunately, there were no visible injuries – and was checked over before being returned to its owner.

A 36-year-old Portland woman has been charged with theft, trespass, and deception.

She has been bailed to appear at Portland Magistrates’ Court on 21 February 2023.

Animal theft has been prevalent and in most cases some times the owners are unable to retrieve their pets.

One social media commenter said “So very very happy for all concerned..well done Vic police….now lock up the low life that stole this beautiful puppy..”

Another thanked the victoria police for locating the puppy ” Excellent work Vicpol – the theft of beloved family members is disgraceful and I hope the courts follow up with appropriate punishment for once. Won’t hold my breath though, we have a legal system, not a justice system. Thank goodness the pup will be ok” were the words uttered by another social media commenter

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