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Beharry Automotive Ltd on board KFC U8 Football Fun Day

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Beharry Automotive Ltd. Marketing Manager Gabriel Strand making a presentation to Vurlon Mills

The KFC Under-8 Football Fun Day kicks off today at 10hrs at the Police Sports Club Ground in Barrack Street, Eve Leary Kingston, where patrons can join organizers for a fun-filled day of under-8 football action.
The KFC annual Football Fun Day event will feature mini football matches, skills challenges, penalty shootout, and dunk tank. Food and drinks would also be available for purchase.
This is a great opportunity for young football enthusiasts to showcase their skills, make new friends, and have a blast playing the beautiful game.
It promises to be an exciting day of under-8 football fun for the entire family.
Gabriel Strand – Marketing Manager of Beharry Automotive Limited, in throwing his company’s support behind the event, shared, “From the time I moved to Guyana, which would’ve been 15 years ago, Vurlon Mills was my first ever coach and my last coach. From my experience working with him and his team, for me, they are the most trustworthy persons I can think of when it comes to the development of the youth and development through football.
“In my experience throughout my life, football has done more than just made a better footballer out of me. It has taught me discipline, it has taught me core values of being a man, and it has taught me self-control, especially when you get angry, because it happens in sports.
“But I am extraordinarily excited to be working with Vurlon Mills Football Academy. This won’t be the first event we take part in, and we plan on developing this relationship further. However, I am extraordinarily excited to be part of the team, and for Vurlon Mills extending this opportunity to us. Thank you again, and I look forward to Saturday.”
Founder of VMFA, Mr. Vurlon Mills, has expressed gratitude to Beharry Automotive Limited and to
corporate Guyana for their commitment to the development of the beautiful game for young boys and girls.
The VMFA has consistently coordinated high-quality initiatives in a professional environment for young boys and girls, and will continue to work closely with all stakeholders for the good of the game.
The VMFA would like to express gratitude to Beharry Automotive Limited, KFC Guyana, MVP Sports, and ENET for their generous support in making this event possible for our future stars.
For more information about the Vurlon Mills Football Academy and its initiatives, please contact Mr. Vurlon Mills on 613-1361, or Marisha Fernandes on 600-3332.

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